Do you know someone who has made a terrible mistake?
But perhaps they don't want to admit it?

Is this person in a bad relationship with someone who is selfish, perhaps
mean, and who has completely misled your friend?

And you know in your heart that sooner or later this relationship is doomed to fail?

And you want to make it sooner.

If so, you may be doing this person a favor by expediting the dissolution of
a relationship that should never have happened in the first place.

Be very, very careful

The Relationship Killer spell is recommended only in severe cases, to be used
only if a specific relationship is one-sided and could do potential damage to an innocent person.

Request this spell if...

• The two people in this couple were never
meant to be together.

• It is not a good match.

• Your friend is not "seeing" clearly and perhaps
was tricked by the other party.

• You are convinced that once the relationship dissolves,
this person will be normal and reasonable again.

• You care a great deal about this person and you want them
to be free to resume a relationship they were meant to have.

Does your friend need your help?
So if you are distressed that your friend needs rescuing, a Master Psychic
will cast a Relationship Killer spell to help bring this doomed relationship to a quick end.